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Always reblog Elle Woods in her “fuck men I’m gonna get a law degree” phase

this movie is everything



Always reblog Elle Woods in her “fuck men I’m gonna get a law degree” phase

this movie is everything

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  1. High knees (drive ‘em up)
  2. Squat jumps (get high - drop low)
  3. Squat thrust (mountain climbers)
  4. Knee grabs (work your abs!)
flat abs pilates workout | (x)
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Update (05/10/2014)
  • So I've been in China for over a month now and have pretty much settled in.
  • Food-wise, I am currently eating far too much and not very healthily. As I said last time I am staying with a Chinese family and they supply me with breakfast and dinner each day (and sometimes lunch at weekends if we are home). For breakfast each day I get given an overcooked fried egg and what I like to call "almost bacon" which is a piece of bacon-like meat that is quite fatty. Dinner varies each night, but they don't offer many vegetables at all. At lunchtime most days I eat with my friends at a restaurant. I try my best to order veggie dishes when possible to try and ensure that I have some greens in my diet.
  • With regard to exercise, I have paid two gyms a visit and they were god awful. In both of them there was broken equipment, rusty equipment and overall seriously limited space and choice. My friends and I have decided never to go back. We have, however, become regular users of the running track on campus and my running buddy and I have been running 4/5k several times a week. I need to incorporate some sort of strength training into my routine as I have so much excess skin and cellulite right now...
  • My skin isn't doing very well right now but my new skincare regime is working a little bit. I have a lot of spots around my mouth and chin which is bothering me quite a bit, A friend tells me that my combined pill might be the prime cause of this acne due to a hormone imbalance. When I get back to the UK I think I'll pay the GP a visit and switch to a pill that fights spots instead of giving me them : |
  • That's all for now. Gonna go scroll through my dashboard and find things that I feel like sharing.
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Update (05/09/2014)

So I’ve been crazy busy lately, working and travelling. I guess the biggest news is that I have now moved to CHINA! Been here only several days and going to study here at university for a year as an exchange student.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is that people here have awesome Nike tops. I am so eager to find the Nike stores and get myself some new gear! The choice seems so much better than in the UK! I just hope it is cheaper here.

I am living with and being fed by a Chinese family, so have limited control over my diet. I moved in with them tonight and there was a reasonable selection of food. I chose to have rice, salmon & some green beans which were cooked really well. I have notified them that I am not keen on most seafood so hopefully that won’t be a problem for them.

I plan to find the nearest gym and discover what sports clubs are available to me. I really hope there’s a women’s soccer team…

I also have motivation to improve my overall fitness & figure before I go back to the UK in the form of a gorgeous soldier with the perfect body who I am keen to see again upon my return. Physical qualities aside, I really like this guy for who he is. So far he seems to be the whole package. I’d love to be that strong/fit woman that I have the potential to be, not only for me but for him. I just hope that being away for so long won’t make me miss my chance to show him what we could be. I believe everything happens for a reason though so if fate decides he’s not for me then I guess he’s not for me. Who knows maybe I’ll meet somebody else here in China… But I don’t want to fall in love and then get hurt when I have to say goodbye next year.

Anyway, I should probably try to get more sleep. I’ll update my pages when I get the chance, haven’t posted any new statistics/photos lately.

Peace out fitblrs :)

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avocado caprese salad


avocado caprese salad

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It will hurt,
It will take your time,
It will require dedication,
It will require will power,
There Ill be temptation to quit,
But when you reach your goal it’s worth it!

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Love my new sports bra

Love my new sports bra

Monday Aug 25 @ 11:00pm

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